Freeman Baptist Church

About Us

Welcome to Freeman Baptist Church!
Here for our location and help with directions to our church.
To share a little about our church, we belong to the Southern Baptist Convention as well as the Kansas City Blue River Baptist Association.
Freeman Baptist Church is a church committed to teaching the word of God. We are blessed to have Pastor Gary Brewster expound the scripture to us in a verse by verse exegetical form. Which basically means as he teaches through a book of the bible from beginning to end, he is careful to make clear the meaning of the text as it was written by drawing out from (exegesis) the text the meaning of it. As contrasted with eisegesis which is putting ones own presuppositions or agenda into the meaning of the text which is teaching man’s word not God’s word.
We have services every Sunday morning and evening as well as each Wednesday evening. There are Sunday school classes for every age from children to seniors. And childcare is provided for the babies.
Wednesday night all ages are welcome in the church service but there is a class for k-6th grades plus youth group for jr. high and high school.


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